January 23, 2017

In this episode, you’ll meet Evania from Footprints Massage and Wellness as we showcase the trending health and wellness practice of float therapy. As one article I read said, “It’s not just for hippies”

After we talk about float tanks, I share a slideshow on why local shopping is so important. It’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart and I’ve practiced it twice at Toastmasters before sharing it with you.

Then we have Sarah, my favourite healthy living correspondent from Fox Creek. This week she’s talking about gut health – and she has a free webinar coming up this Wednesday that you should think about attending if you are experiencing any health issues that you think could be improved through diet changes. Watch her segment to learn what issues a grumpy gut can influence…

Finally, – this is a longer than the first two episode – I share some thoughts on how to make “Hallmark holidays” more meaningful with a hearty recommendation to shop our sponsor, Inspirations Flowers and Gifts. Last year, we were able to pull together an amazing promotion with over $1000 worth of prizes – but only 14 people entered by pre-booking their Valentine order and we couldn’t get outside sponsorship this year. This year – from now until February 4th the still pretty amazing incentive to Pre-book is an entry to “Win Your Flowers for Free* (the * means up to a maximum value of $100).

I’m having a blast doing this, but I’d really love your feedback and suggestions on what’s cool in Whitecourt that we can share each week. Who do you know that has a cool story to tell? Send them my way!

The first episode is live!

Welcome to Life in Whitecourt – the weekly online video show that I like to describe as CityLine in a small town on a small budget.

Featuring local events and activities with an abundant lifestyle focus. Tune in each week to find out what’s going on and for tips from local experts on parenting, fashion, career development, healthy living and much more.

In this episode:

Billie-Jo Wickhorst from Light Your Life Coaching on her self love book club coming up in February featuring the book Madly in Love with ME: The Daring Adventure of Becoming Your Own Best Friend.

Sarah Deciccio from Finding your Wellspot shares her thoughts as a certified holistic health coach on detoxing.

Lorraine Yagos, President of River Talker Toastmasters shares how the club can help you overcome a fear of public speaking.

& Noreen from Inspirations Flowers and Gifts tells us all about January’s birth flower.

Plus we had some special guests contribute to our first episode when they saw us recording the segments at Days Inn & Suites of Whitcourt.


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